Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron Review

Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron Review

The Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron is an iron great for traveling purposes. Now, you no longer have to worry about looking rumpled or untidy during vacations or business trips.

A standout feature for this iron is that its handle folds flat allowing easy storage in any suitcase or traveling bag. It is highly rated by users who have given it a rating of rated 4.1/5.0 from 44 user reviews.

Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron



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Key Features

  • Lightweight, compact design and foldable handle for easy traveling purposes
  • Dual voltage system for travel convenience
  • Comes with a non-stick soleplate to prevent clothes from catching and singing
  • Has a unique variable steam control and push-button spray mist

The Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron is an iron whose lightweight and compact design makes it great for traveling purposes. The comfortable handle of the iron folds down as well to allow the device to fit even better into any traveling bag. The dual voltage system of the iron also allows it to be used all over the world.

This iron comes with a unique non-stick soleplate, which prevents fabric from sticking or clinging to the item while ironing. This prevents your clothes from becoming singed or burned. The Black & Decker X50 Pro Iron’s water reservoir is removable in order to conveniently fill up and empty out the iron’s water content. The variable steam function and spray mist system are useful as well in ironing all types of fabrics as you wish.


  • Many customers like the size of this tiny iron, which makes it great for bringing along on trips. It doesn’t take up much space, thanks to the foldable handle and compact overall design.
  • Many quilters appreciate this iron as well, for its ability to flatten down a number of different fabrics.
  • The stainless steel soleplate and spray mist features have been commended as well.


  • Some people have recognized problems with the device’s inability to produce a good amount of steam.

Customer Reviews

Most people are satisfied with the Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron and happy with how it works. The iron does what it promises. Its lightweight design is good for bringing along on different trips. One thing that some people have noticed about the iron is that at times, it doesn’t produce a healthy amount of steam and therefore does not iron over clothes well.

“I am very pleased with the purchase of the traveling iron. It is excellent. Has a long cord which makes it easy to plug wherever you need to. Also heats quickly and well. Easy to pack. “

Myrta Beam, Amazon Customer

“I bought this as a backup steam iron for travel but must admit I haven’t had the need to use it other than when I first received it and tried it out. That trial was successful and I was pleased so I don’t anticipate any issues once I really find the need to use it. “

Marshall Gleisten, Amazon Customer

The Black & Decker X50 has been reviewed by 44 customers on Amazon with a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0Click here to read more verified customer reviews.


Overall, the Black & Decker X50 Travel Pro Iron is a handy, little iron that is easy to bring along on any trip. It handles a variety of fabrics with ease. The soleplate of the iron glides over clothes smoothly and doesn’t catch on difficult fabrics.

I recommend this product to anybody looking for a simple iron that they can easily bring along on vacations. If you are looking for a fancier iron however, with a variety of different functions, then maybe the Black & Decker Pro Iron is not for you. Try looking for a bigger iron, for more heavy duty assignments as well. Click here for the latest rating and price on Amazon.

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