Conair EZ Press Compact Steam Iron Review

Conair EZ Press Compact Steam Iron Review

Conair DPP143 EZ Press Steam Iron Reviews


Conair EZ Press Travel Iron Review: The Conair DPP143 EZ Press Steam Iron is a unique iron, which works well enough to be used in any home, yet small enough to be easily brought along for travel purposes. Now you can look great in well-pressed clothes no matter where in the globe you are.


  • Compact.
  • Steam control.
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Non stick soleplate.


  • Water reservoir is small.
  • Ability to remove wrinkles from a wide variety of fabrics
  • Comes equipped with a stainless steel soleplate
  • Unique burst-of-steam function
  • Gives you the choice between steam or dry ironing
  • Adjustable temperature settings feature
  • Lightweight and compact design for travel convenience

The Conair DPP143 Steam Iron is a practical buy for anyone looking for an iron that you can use both at home and when traveling. This lightweight iron, weighing only 1.6 pounds, comes in a compact design that makes it easily portable.

The iron manages to takes wrinkles out of clothes that have become rumpled either at home or in suitcases. Its unique burst of steam feature allows the tiny device to deal with tough wrinkles and smooth them down.

The Conair DPP143 EZ Press Steam Iron’s stainless steel plate allows the device to easily glide along the surface of all types of fabrics without catching or singing any materials.

The iron also allows the user to choose between steam ironing or dry ironing. The adjustable temperature settings of the iron make it easier to iron everything from the most delicate of cloths to the toughest of fabrics.

Customer Reviews

Most customers are satisfied with the product’s quality and how it manages to take wrinkles out of different clothes. The burst of steam feature, 8-foot long cord and anti-slip heel have all been commended. One of the problems that users have found with this device is that its water reservoir is too small to hold a suitable amount of water.

“Bought 2 of these and will soon be buying more to have on hand. It heats up quickly and has good steam. Great for traveling to quilt meetings or classes. Good for use in sewing room if you have limited space.”

Peggy, Amazon Customer Review

“I have gone through several Rowenta travel irons in my quilting. Each one of them, without fail, has stopped working. Either the handle snapped or it burned up (yes, burned up).

I got this iron as a replacement for the LAST Rowenta that broke. I will NEVER buy anything else. Aside from the very affordable price, the iron is a dream. No chance of the handle collapsing as it is integrated. It heats up quickly and is very lightweight. I use it every day and love it love it love it.”

Roberta Kelly, Amazon Customer Review

The Conair DPP143 Iron has been reviewed by over 90 customers on Amazon with a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0Click here to see latest user rating on Amazon.


  • Most people who have used the Conair DPP143 Steam Iron are happy with how quickly the iron works and how well it takes out wrinkles and creases.
  • The burst of steam function has been commended, as well the iron’s anti-slip heel.
  • People enjoy the length of the iron’s cord, 8-feet, which give them more freedom when ironing.


Some people have commented on the EZ Presses water reservoir, saying that it holds too little water for their needs.

 Conair DPP143 EZ Press


The Conair DPP143 EZ Press is a good find for anyone looking for a good iron that can be used both at home and for travel. This device is big enough to be used as a home iron, yet small enough to be packed up as a travel iron.

The iron runs smoothly over fabrics, smoothens down tough wrinkles and lets you both steam or iron your clothes. Overall, this is a practical buy for people looking for an iron that is good for both home use and travel purposes.

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