Tips On Surviving a Long Flight

Top 10 Tips on Surviving a Long Flight

TOP 10

Hit the ground running with these tips to get through a long haul flight.

Tip #1 – Rest

Make sure your rested before you start your trip. It can be a good idea to set your time to match the time at your destination the night before you travel so your body clock can get used to it.

Tip #2 – Upgrade

If you can afford an upgrade to your seat do it.

Tip #3 – Comfort

Try to get comfortable once on the plane, keep all the things you need on the flight close to you such as a book, headphones etc.

Tip #4 – Leg room

Store any bags that you have in the overhead compartments, this should give you more leg room.

Tip #5 – Keep Warm

Make sure you get a blanket or take another layer of clothing since the cabin can get cold.

Tip #6 – Eat

Make sure you eat all the food especially the carbohydrates to keep your energy levels high during the flight.

Tip #7 – Gadgets

Take the right gadgets such as noise cancelling headphones, e-readers, neck pillows etc

Tip #8 – Circulation

Always keep your body moving during a flight to keep your blood circulating since flying can lead to deep vein thrombosis. There are loads of exercises out there that you can do.

Tip #9 – Toilet

Always use the airplanes toilet when you need it, never wait to land since you could be waiting for hours.

Tip #10 – Freshen Up

Use the airplane facilities to freshen up before you arrive at your destination since you always feel great when you freshen up.